21 People Share The 'Things You Should Never Assume'

Keep those thoughts in check.

We often make assumptions about a situation or person based on previous experiences or unfounded information. Such assumptions can be helpful in certain instances because they give us a guide on how to approach. But, sometimes they can backfire and be problematic, awkward, and sometimes even hurtful. People on Twitter are using the hashtag #ThingsYouShouldNeverAssume to share their advice on how to avoid such circumstances. 

Some people speak to personal experiences while others offer life advice in general. The common link between all of them is that they suggest we should be mindful of our thoughts and not always jump to conclusions before we think and/or act.

Scroll down to see 21 things you shouldn't assume, according to Twitter users.


1. That you can't try something new.

2. That things are black and white.

3. That someone's mental health impacts their inner strength.

4. That you did something or have time.

5. That the forecast is accurate.

6. That people are exactly the same.

7. That being quiet means you're weak.

8. That all plastic is getting recycled.

9. That a title automatically means a certain gender.

10. Anything.

11. That an education is the key to a great worker.

12. That a toddler is behaving.

13. That there are always basic essentials.

14. That a woman is expecting.

15. That all people obey traffic signals.

16. That all online photos are representative of real life.

17. That you'll agree with a critic's opinion.

18. That you are defining someone the way they are or want to be identified.

19. That ignoring something is a solution.

20. That people want one bill.

21. That you can read people's minds.

Cover image via  Egor Fomin IShutterstock


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