13 People Reveal The Things In Life That Are Worth The Wait

No need to rush these things.

Immediacy is something that's a big part of our modern lives. When we see something, or think about something, we want it now. But while advances in technology has made instant gratification significantly easier, getting something right away isn't always better. Life isn't a marathon. It's a journey and there are things certainly worth the wait. 

In a popular thread on the Ask Reddit subreddit, people are revealing some of the things they believe are worth the wait in life. Take a look at their interesting answers:


1. Developing a skill.

2. Fine liquor.

3. Continuing your education.

4. Workout results.

5. Letting a steak rest.

6. Investments.

7. Expressing your love to someone.

8. Fermented homemade food.

9. A perfect cup of coffee.

10. Finding the right partner.

11. Warming up food in a slower way.

12. Certain movies.

13. Holding out for a home and not just a house.

Cover image via mimagephotography I Shutterstock


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