15 Things Women Should Never Apologize For Wanting

Everyone, take note.

A long time ago, let's be honest, most likely when I was in high school, I came across an article in Glamour magazine. It was called "12 Things Every Women Deserves In Life," and the list was a back-of-book recurring feature. 

Those 12 or so things they believed women should have, including "having a statement bag even if the statement is not having a statement bag" and "a truly excellent profile picture," have stuck with me through the years and the article, ripped out and yellowing, is still pinned to my bulletin board. 

Times have changed and so I figured I'd come full-circle and write a list of more things women deserve in life. Because life gets a little complicated sometimes, and we shouldn't forget to put ourselves first.

Without further ado, here's a few things that we as women deserve, no questions asked:


1. To wear a swimsuit that YOU love, regardless of whether you're apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or some form of quadrilateral.

2. A core group of friends to turn to even if they live a few miles away.

3. Something to be passionate about, like singing or animals or helping other humans.

4. To actually want to frolic in a field of flowers, at least once.

5. To want exactly as much as sex as we want — even if that's none at all.

6. A companion (or two) in the shape of another human or furry creature.

7. The ability to be girly or ultra tomboy and still be taken seriously as a person.

8. To wear that outfit you spend a third of your paycheck putting together.

9. A kick-ass semester in school (or month at work).

10. Dry-shampoo on demand and nail polish that doesn't smudge.

11. The ability to find the perfect dress for that one occasion.

12. A free pass to brag on Facebook without being judged.

13. A space — anywhere — where you can just disconnect from the world.

14. One night a month (at least) of dancing until the sun comes up.

15. A truly excellent Insta.

What would you add to the list?

Cover image: Courtesy of We Heart It/Tumblr


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