These People Show How Looking Back On Their Teenage Years Helped Push Them Forward

"Everyone learns life lessons at their own pace."

As we get older, we are often faced with more responsibilities and challenges. It can be hard, and mistakes are bound to be made, but learning from our past decisions can help make the road ahead a little easier. 

To prove it, people took to Reddit to talk about the lessons they've learned since being teenagers. Their answers show it's never too late to change your life. 

Take a look: 


1. You're your own worst critic.

"Back when I was 18-19 I thought I was huge, but I was actually very skinny in hindsight. I'd love to be that small again. What was I thinking!? Shows how skewed our own self-images really are sometimes." - _Neps_

2. Have the fun you never had in high school, but maintain your focus.

"I never knew how pretty I was or how to dress, act, etc. I basically kept to myself and avoided going to parties or even school events. I had no friends and sat inside all day.

Back then it was so easy to let loose. Being young, you never had any responsibilities or obligations besides school. Now that I'm in my mid-20s, all I want to do is party and try to achieve what I missed out on, but I have goals I need to accomplish and a life to setup before it's too late." - Land_Dweller

3. Patience is a virtue.

"This is a lesson I learned early in life and it really is a good one. You can appear very patient if you simply realize some people are just assholes.

I let people vent to me at work all the time, I just smile and diffuse them. When some idiot tries to pull me into some semantic argument, fuck him. I just smile and agree and send them on their way.

There's are a ton of pissed off idiots that only get off on making others miserable. Don't let them! Don't try to rationalize with an irrational person." - me3260

4. Change lifestyle habits as you get older.

"How much taking care of my body affects my daily mood. I used to eat shit and never exercise and still be OK in my teen years. Now, with metabolism decreasing and daily life being more monotonous, making an effort to be healthy physically and mentally has been quite beneficial in my late 20s." - 21Outer

5. See the positives in your work.

"The stability a decent 9-5 boring office job can provide has shocked me. Do I love my job? Nope, but I get paid to come in sit in my cubicle in a trendy part of the city and get my work done while listening to music, podcasts, and standup through headphones. And it's only temporary. Two years ago I had NOTHING. Now I can at least pay bills and buy nice things for myself. Try working a low paying job for a bit then compare it to that and you start to think maybe this 9-5 thing ain't so bad." - jamitwityou

6. You haven't peaked. And yes, you can still play video games.

"I went through a period in my mid 20s where I thought my life was over, I was doomed to work jobs I hated for the rest of my life and pined for my late teenage years of smoking weed, playing video games, drinking and partying.

I'm 30 now, I'm smarter and happier, I look better, I dress better. I actually put some effort into my job and was moved into a position to better utilize the skill set I didn't believe I had in the first place. I feel like a confident, well-rounded individual and there's no way in hell I'd go back to pissing my life up the wall. I thought I'd already peaked but it turns out I hadn't even begun hitting my stride yet.

I do still play video games though." - beastenders

7. Your parents are people, not just mom and dad.

"The 17 thing is honestly so true. I can say truly that I had known almost nothing about my parents until I was around 16 because I feel as though at that point you're starting to become your own person and your parents look at you as such. Once you're your own person they stop 'raising' you and more to begin to foster a relationship that's closer to a very close friendship imo." - TendererMean000

8. Make time for those you love.

"Friendships worth keeping are worth making time for." - EsquireKing

9. The age of 25 isn't as scary as you may think. It will be a major turning point.

"- Don't make any major relationship decisions until a year (all 4 seasons) has passed. Your best friend might be 22 and engaged to be married after dating for three months, but the likelihood it's going to last is small. Mental maturity is age 25. Date for now, wait for the real relationships until then.

- You're probably not going to go far in life if you consider any time in the first quarter of your life the 'glory days; or something along those lines.

- Everyone is just as confused as you are.

- People change and that's 100 percent allowed. If the change isn't harming you or someone else, you should welcome it, and tell others you do. Allow yourself to learn with other people. Live and let live.

- Everyone learns life lessons at their own pace. Don't judge others your age just because they haven't learned something about the world you already have. Try to help them learn it, instead.

- People will always criticize you for whatever you do. If you enjoy something, enjoy it. Don't let someone else influence your happiness." - landcher

10. It's time to make your own decisions.

"We're adults now. It's our turn to decide what that means." - Gsusruls

11. Oh, and don't eat pizza rolls. Eat a salad.

"Eating a big ass plate of pizza rolls will in fact render me useless for the day." torqfinch

They are delicious though.

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