12 Undeniable Truths That Every 90s Kid Learned From Britney Spears Songs

Fan or not, you need to read this.

1. Having material things in life doesn't make a person happy.


Britney Spears—Lucky. Image via: Giphy

2. You are not somebody's property and have lots of strength hidden inside you.

Britney Spears—Stronger. Image via: Giphy

3. Some people will hate you for your success and there's nothing you can do about it.

Britney Spears—Piece Of Me. Image via: Giphy

4. That sipping Martinis in a Lamborghini and other fine things require lots of hard work.

Britney Spears—Work Bitch. Image via: Giphy

5. You need to make your own choices in life.

Britney Spears—Overprotected. Image via: Giphy

6. That sometimes people don't appreciate things until they lose them.

Britney Spears—Baby One More Time. Image via: Giphy

7. But you can actually dance all of your problems away.

Britney Spears—I'm A Slave 4 U. Image via: Giphy

8. You need time to find your true self.

Britney Spears—I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. Image via: Giphy

9. Playing with other people's feelings is wrong... but inevitable.

Britney Spears—Oops!... I Did It Again. Image via: Giphy

10. That speaking one's mind is a disliked virtue, but still a virtue.

Britney Spears—Hold It Against Me. Image via: Giphy

11. We're all born to make someone happy. You just need to find the right person.

Britney Spears—Sometimes. Image via: Giphy

12. And when you do, it's okay to go bananas over them.

Britney Spears—Crazy. Image via: Giphy

You know what... This one also applies.

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