6 Things Everyone Must Do With Their Father At Least Once

#3, any day.

Father's Day is just around the corner. It's not only a time to appreciate your dad for all the things he's done, but a time catch up with one another and make some new fun memories.

To give you some ideas on how to celebrate with your dad, we've put together a list of 6 things to try with your dad at least once. Doing some of these things can help you learn to savor each and every moment you have together, and create new memories while you're at it. 

Take a look at these six moments you can share with your dad. Are there any you can cross off your list already?


1. Go on a road trip.

Just hop in a car with your dad, and don't make a plan or schedule other than what your final destination is going to be. Do sing-a-longs, eat club sandwiches, chat with people you meet along the way, and simply enjoy the fact that you are adventuring together.

2. Listen to each other's favorite tunes.

While you might tease your dad for his taste in music, there's probably lots you don't know about why he connects with certain records or tracks. Try asking your dad where was he when his favorite record came out. What memories does it bring up? Does it remind him of that awkward first crush he had in middle school? What's the story behind that artist?

Play him your favorite tune in return.

Your dad probably knows as much about Daft Punk as you know about Hall and Oates. Swapping music can be the best kind of bonding. 

3. Have a talk over a beer.

Pouring our hearts out to our own fathers is not something many of us often do. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't.

Try finding a comfortable place to chat, where you can maybe even have a drink or two to take the edge off. Talk about life and your dreams over a cold beer and some ribs at a local bar or restaurant like TGI Fridays, and enjoy your dad's BBQ favorites on their $12 Dine & Drink menu.

4. Catch a game together.

Catching a game at your local stadium has always been a classic father-child activity. 

Regardless of whether or not you're actually into sports, the atmosphere is great for bonding, and an opportunity to engage in good conversation over a hot dog or two. 

5. Start a band. At least for a day.

And hey, you don't need to sound perfect. It's the process that really matters. Grab that guitar and have fun with it. You most likely won't get famous, but it will surely strengthen your bond. 

6. Recreate a mutual memory.

Did you used to dance with your dad all the time as a kid? Maybe the two of you used to love feeding the ducks in the nearby park. Go back to those places where you feel the most nostalgic. Just being there might spark some great conversation about old times, and inspire you to start creating new memories with your dad, too. 


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