Here Are All The Things You Do While Listening To 'Serial' That Make You Say 'Damn! I'm Good At Multitasking'

Don't worry. No spoilers.

1. Running On The Treadmill


"Did you always want to do true crime reporting that people listen to on a treadmill?" Stephen Colbert asked "Serial" host Sarah Koenig in an interview.

Colbert pretty much hit the nail on the head, as we are all getting at least semi-fit listening to the sounds of Koenig's soothing, yet captivating, voice examine the murder mystery of who really killed highschool senior Hae Min Lee.

Because, let's face it, if you are a NPR listener, you are probably also into juicing, kale, Whole Foods and treadmills. We're pretty sure some scientific study will soon directly link NPR to good health. Probably, maybe, one day. 

As you are running, listening to your podcast app on your iPhone, you will be congratulating yourself for multitasking, while simultaneously wondering "What does it all mean?", "Why does our legal system seem so effed up?" and "How many calories did I burn?"

4. Commutin' To Work

Whether you are commuting to work, driving your kid to school (while they are asleep in the backseat), running errands, or riding the subway, bus or train, you are listening to "Serial." 

Because you, my friend, are going places. Literally. 

After completing one round trip, you will feel a general sense of ultimate accomplishment because you completed a full day's work, ran your errands and/or took your kid to school, and have now formed your own unique theory of who killed Hae. 

But still, you aren't sure. 

So you need a little more binge listening. 

7. Road Trip, Bro

Season one of "Serial" will have 12 episodes, which pretty much equals 12 hours of non-stop driving time.

Think of all the places you could go! 

In the time it takes to listen to all of "Serial" you could drive from New York City to Chicago, from Los Angeles to Utah or from Detroit to Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Why would you drive from Detroit to Lincoln, Nebraska? Because you lost track of time, the podcast was THAT good. That's why. 

But, regardless of possibly ending up in some random part of the country, you still traversed some serious road, saw some cows, farms, and the country's biggest quarter — all while learning everything about a high school in Baltimore county. 

And honestly, who needs Neil Young or the Grateful Dead when you have NPR goddess Sarah Koenig?

Now, you are a regular Jack Kerouac, Nancy Drew hybrid. 

Multitask complete. 

10. Eating Cereal

Sorry, had to. 

This makes the list because everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eating cereal while listening to "Serial" is pretty much the best combination of things you could do. Ever.

You are energizing you body and mind — AT THE SAME TIME. 

Multitasking at its finest. 

So grab your box of Honey Bunches and cereal/"Serial" away. 

Even Bert from Sesame Street wants you to. 

13. Doing The Dishes And Making Your Apartment The Cleanest It Has Ever Been

Your roommates will love you for this one.  

While enthralled by the case against Adnan Syed, you will have mindlessly cleaned every single dish in the sink, vacuumed the carpet, done a full bathroom scrub, and even a little light to heavy apartment decorating.  

You won't even notice the great progress you have made until your roommates come home and say, "Dang! You turned our place into a replica of Versailles. Thanks." 

15. Walking Your Dog In The Dead Of Winter

It's winter, and taking your dog for a walk in 30 degree weather can be a drag, unless you have the "Serial" podcast to keep you company. 

You are way too distracted by episode seven to even notice you forgot your jacket, and are shaking uncontrollably as your dog takes its sweet time doing its business.  

18. Going To A Bar

"How do you go to a bar and listen to 'Serial'?" you ask?

So long as you live in a hip place like Brooklyn, you won't have a problem finding some hip listening party at some hip bar full of hip people doing hip things. 

And yes, being at a bar while listening to "Serial" counts as multitasking, because: (A) you are socializing, (B) you are drinking, (C) you are engaging in intellectual debate about the possible flaws in our legal system and (D) you are meeting cool people. 

In fact, you might just meet a criminal defense lawyer who convinces you to go to law school, which consequently turns out to be your life's path. 

So thanks to the bar and "Serial" you have found a mentor and career. 

21. Becoming A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Becoming a criminal defense lawyer, while listening to "Serial" is some extreme multitasking, but it can be done. 

In between studying for the bar exam, take breaks catching up on the podcast to remind you of the reasons why you wanted to become a lawyer in the first place. 

The more frustrated you get with all the apparent holes in Adnan's case, the harder you will study.  

24. Starting A Podcast Of Your Own

This one doesn't necessarily count as multitasking, but once you finish listening to all 12 episodes, you will be inspired to make your own podcast about all the things you accomplished while listening to the "Serial" podcast. 

You will have millions of listeners, thinking "Hey, I also listened to "Serial" on my morning commutes. I relate to this podcast so much." 

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