15 Things People Thought Existed That Actually Don't

Unicorns will always be real in our hearts.

We've all had that thing (or things) we swore was real as kids (or adults) that totally isn't. 

Besides the obvious Santa truth bomb that blew our minds, Reddit users and A+ editors shared things and places they used to think existed, but actually don't.

Now, we don't feel as alone — or dumb. 


Marshmallow trees

"When I was little my grandmother had a little houseplant that she put marshmallows on the ends of the branches that we would pick and eat when we visited. When she left she would put mini marshmallows where we had picked the big ones and told us we had to wait for those ones to grow back. So until I was a lot older I thought that there were marshmallow trees!" — orlex


Though the mythical country from "The Princess Diaries" has a National Anthem, it's just a made-up place. 

The Brontosaurus

"After watching "The Land Before Time" when I was a little kid I thought Little Foot and his kin were the bestest coolest dinos around — the brontosaurus! Then I read an article a couple of years ago saying the bronto never existed." —stoneeus

Pens with white-out on the back

"Seriously, just put a brush on the back and attach a cap that has a white-out dispensing pad on it. How does this not exist. It's literally exactly like putting erasers on pencils." — takenorinvalid

Banks with everyone's cash on hand

"I used to think that everyone who had a bank account literally had like a pigeon hole with their money in it they deposited. And when someone wanted to take money out the teller would take it from the pile of cash they had lodged over the years." — IsntThisFunny

The Incredibles 2

"I have no idea why, but I thought this was made ages ago. The video store clerk was a good sport when I called...he even pretended to look up on his computer and see if they had it in. After he said he couldn't find it, I decided that maybe I should see if it actually exists..." — rugtoad

IMDB confirms: It doesn't.


"I thought yams were animals, more specifically a crossbreed between a Yak and a Ram. That sounded correct in my mind until my 10th grade honors English class told me otherwise." — faziyam

A Canadian Queen

Sorry, nineornein, to date there are no Queens of Canada.

Star Wars

"Until I was in my twenties it never occurred to me consciously that Star Wars was fictional. It's not that I actively believed it was all real, it just had never occurred to me that it wasn't." — betnhe


Seriously, who hasn't believed unicorns to be real?

Holes that actually lead to China

"Holes that you can dig into the playground that if expanded by a skilled team of battle hardened, mining-oriented preschoolers would eventually reach China." — A+ lead editor Cate

The ability to walk on water

"I thought it was actually possible to walk on water and tried several times as a kid. Needless to say, I'm not Jesus." — A+ lead editor Mandy

Amsterdam as its own country

Yep, she and lead editor Isaac thought that, too. It's actually part of the Netherlands.


"My husband's from Ireland and said he's surprised how many tourists think they'll really see them." — A+ associate editor Darcie. Unless you live in Alabama, then they're real.

Swallowing gum will stay in your stomach for years

That's what A+ associate editor and office manager Claire thought. But luckily, isn't true.

What's yours?


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