13 People Reveal Things They've Done 'Just In Case' That Have Been Worth It

You never know what the future holds, so it's always good to be prepared for anything, "just in case."

It's always good to prepare for the unknown and to take a few extra steps to make sure everything is in order "just in case." You never know what the future may hold, or what your circumstances may be, so when you've set up a safety net — no matter how big or small — you'll thank yourself later. 

To find out what other people do "just in case," one Reddit user asked the online community: "When has something you've always done 'just in case' paid off?"

The responses show that even the tiniest thing can make a big difference. Here are 13 of our favorite things people do "just in case."


1. The person who makes sure the oven is off.

2. The person who always carries a water bottle.

3. The person who packs toilet paper when traveling.

4. The person who doesn't trust other drivers' indicator lights.

5. The mom who creates a special "Santa bite."

6. The person who makes sure they leave for work early.

7. The person who always makes sure their keys are in their pocket.

8. The person who pauses before entering an intersection.

9. The person who got travel insurance.

10. The person who always checks the door.

11. The person who keeps an extra stash of menstrual products.

12. The person who invests in a car tow strap.

13. The person who keeps a bit of cash in the car.

Cover image via mimagephotography I Shutterstock


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