7 Things You Probably Don't Know About Highly Sensitive People, But Should

It's hard being super-emotional.

1. We don't get emotional on purpose, it just happens.


One minute, we'll be watching Law & Order SVU or Along Cames Polly, or heck, even VeggieTales, and we feel it coming on. A relatable emotional talk, a death or even a sweet moment between two vegetables can spark an eruption of silent tears. We feel feelings in a deeper way. We don't try, it just happens.

2. When someone, or something, is in pain — like a child that's bullied or a story of an abandoned puppy — our hearts literally hurt.

That Sarah McLachlin commercial is the reason overly sensitive people can't have nice things. When we see sad things or read sad news stories we actually feel like they happened right in front of our eyes. Our hearts hurt for them. This may explain why we're such huge humanitarians. We can't even bear when people we love are mad at us and if we accidentally nudge someone on the subway to work or cut someone off, forget it, immediate guilt.

3. Arguments are easy to start but hard to finish because everything is personal.

Being emotional means that getting through an argument without crying or getting worked up is almost impossible. Sensitive people internalize everything and so we feel that arguments are personal. Even though we do understand it's just a disagreement between two people, we care about [insert argument subject here] so deeply that a person we know not agreeing with us makes us even more upset than arguing does.

4. Criticism scares us.

We don't like getting told we did something wrong or that we aren't the best version of ourselves. This isn't because we're stuck up or think we can do no wrong. It's just because we don't like to mess up and being reminded of our flaws makes us extremely vulnerable. We don't like letting people down or like to think we're handling something wrong, and therefore cringe whenever we get any sort of criticism, no matter how well-intentioned. See: Everything is personal.

5. Extreme emotion is our way of processing our feelings.

When we hurt, we cry. When we're elated, we replay those happy emotions over and over in our heads. When we're mad, we need a moment, or a lot of moments, to compose ourselves, take a deep breath and calm down. Sometimes, we don't catch ourselves before getting overly defensive or upset, but we really do try to contain ourselves. Like word vomit, our emotions just spill out.

6. When we fall in love, we fall hard.

The spectrum of our emotions isn't one-sided. We feel so much, at all times, that when our hearts tap into love, we love deeply and fully. We become invested and that person means the world to us. Maybe even like family. That makes breakups incredibly difficult for a sensitive person, but the high of being in love at all makes it worth it to us.

7. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Sure, we're a little emotionally unstable and way too extreme when it comes to our feelings, but we like it that way. We're able to have empathy for others and may try to help them because of it. We love deeply and fully defend and stand up for those who have been wronged, including ourselves. We just may need a minute to stop crying.


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