Female Writers Are Using The Power Of Twitter To Share Their Experiences With Sexism In The Writing World

"It's 2017, we shouldn't have to deal with this."

When it comes to some of the struggles female writers face on a daily basis, gender stereotypes have — for generations — been at the forefront of their issues.

Joanne Harris, author of the book Chocolat ––which went on to become a film in 2000 ­­–– had a candid discussion with one of her followers that turned into a conversation about how often women have to validate their passion for being a writer.

"I don't know of any male writer who has been criticized for neglecting his family life, or told he's being selfish for wanting to write," she said in a series of tweets. "Yes, men sometimes make sacrifices, but let's not pretend society really expects them to in the way it expects women to put family first."

Harris was inspired by this conversation and decided to start the hashtag, #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear. Since April 17, women have responded with some of the common things they've had people say to them when it comes to their lives and work as writers.


Below are just some of the responses to the hashtag that are flooding Twitter:

Although these responses convey the pitfalls of what it's like to be a female writer, one Twitter user found the hashtag's positive side.

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Cover image: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock


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