17 Questions That Make People In Long-Term Relationships Extremely Uncomfortable

A simple "So how are you and so-and-so?" will do.

1. When are you getting engaged?


First things first: stop assuming that all people in long-term relationships want to get engaged or married. Secondly, I don't know, whenever we feel like it. Does it matter?

2. When are you having a baby?

Same goes for this question. Just because we're together doesn't mean we want a family. And it's none of your business anyway.

3. Aren't you basically married already?

Is that an insult? Because it sounds like it.

4. Don't you miss the single life?

Sometimes, but not enough to go back to it.

5. I wish you were single.

Sorry? Also, not a question*, but still.

6. You were much more fun single.

Not cool. Just because I can't drunkenly give random people my number doesn't mean I'm any less fun. I do, however, make a great wingwoman.

7. Ugh, you and so-and-so are so cute it's gross.

Thanks! ...wait, what?

8. Is he/she the one?

Yes? Maybe? Hopefully? This is making me sweat here.

9. Will anything change when you get married?

Is this a trick question?

10. Do you ever get tired of each other?

Not really. And when we do, it's not for long, because we *shock* care about each other enough on a deeper level to look past the bullsh*t.

11. How are you NOT tired of each other?

How are you still talking to me?

12. If you moved to this faraway city, and your significant other had to move to this city, multiply that by 100, what would you guys do?

Try to make it work. Moving on.

13. I better be invited to the wedding!

You know what they say... If you have to ask, probably not.

14. I think he's going to propose [insert time and place].

Are you trying to ruin it?

15. You spend so much time with him/her.

Yes, I do. Because we're in a relationship and those things take effort. But if you'd like me to hang out more just say so!

16. Do you think you're settling down too quickly?


17. *As a come-on* Want to meet up for coffee?


*Okay not all of these are questions, but they're still equally uncomfortable.


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