48 Things People Need To Stop Saying, And Men Need To Stop Hearing

"She has you whipped."

A few weeks ago, HuffPost Women released a short video that featured 48 sexist statements women hear throughout their lifetime. Many commenters wrote that men also experience sexism in everyday life. So, the publication just released a new video that explores the sexist things men so often hear. 

From childhood until old age, males are pressured to fit into a very narrow mold of masculinity. To "man up" is to keep from doing anything that's traditionally thought of as feminine. That means looking the part, treating women like objects, and never, ever crying. These sexist phrases don't only take a toll on men, but also negatively impact women. Much of the behavior that's associated with being masculine puts women down in the process. 

In the new video, males of varying ages recite the sexist phrases they often hear. It's just a two minute video, but it shows 70 years of what it's like to be told to "be a real man."

You can check out some of the featured statements, as well as the whole video, below: 


You can watch the entire video below:


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