17 Little Things All Girly-Girls Can't Get Enough Of

It doesn't take much to make us happy.

For a girly-girl, or a person who simply enjoys the more traditionally feminine things in life, finding the perfect cut to show your hairdresser on Pinterest to purchasing that lipstick with the right shade of pink is a reason to rejoice. 

As a YouTuber recently pointed out, these things, like makeup, can be fun and having the choice to like them or not doesn't make us any less strong or not feminist — just a group of people that has a different set of interests. To celebrate how awesome being a "girly-girl" is, we rounded up a few of life's pleasures for those of us who choose to indulge in the superficial yet fun things that make us feel good.

Things like:


1. A no-smudge manicure.

2. Finally finding the stylist who gets your look.

3. Eyebrows on fleek.

4. Nailing the sock bun.

5. Having the last pair of shoes in stock come in your size.

6. Stumbling upon that perfect accessory, with your favorite symbol or animal.

7. Taking at least one selfie that looks ah-mazing.

8. Wearing your favorite gym attire.

9. Two words: sample sales.

10. Getting the cat eyeliner look just right.

11. Friends who are honest when you ask them how you look.

12. Days with low humidity.

13. Feeling good about your body — at any size.

14. A bra that actually fits (with matching undies).

15. An even tan.

16. Shaving legs quickly with 0 cuts.

17. Sparkles.


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