9 Things Dads Can Do To Make Their Daughters' Teen Years A Little Easier

"Don't comment on her body."

The connection a daughter has with her father is unlike any other. He's the first man she has a relationship with, so he can have a lot of influence over the way she will model her relationships with other men in the future. While he can do his best to keep her from making mistakes, he can also be there to catch her when she does fall. He has the opportunity to remind her how wonderful she is, encourage her to pursue her passions, and inspire her to work hard to reach her dreams. 

As we all know from experience, navigating life as a teenage is far from easy. But there are things dads can do to help make those years a little easier for their daughters. 


Earlier today, one Reddit user wanted to find out what those things were, so they asked, "Ladies of Reddit, what can a dad do to help ensure his daughters have good teen years that aren't too awkward or embarrassing?" Both women and fathers responded to the question and gave some great pieces of advice. 

Below are some of the best responses.

1. Learn how to help her with feminine hygiene, bra shopping, and makeup.

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2. Don't comment on her body or other women's bodies.

3. Encourage her to explore her talents.

4. Be an example of what a man in her life should be.

5. Schedule quality time for just the two of you.

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6. Teach her the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

7. Learn to do her hair.

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8. Don't shy away from difficult questions.

9. Be there for her whether she needs a shoulder to cry on or just a ride home.

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