13 Things Adults Regret Doing As Teenagers — And Hate Watching Today's Teens Make The Same Mistakes

"Literally nobody is going to care what you have or haven't done in high school once you're out of it."

Trying to navigate life as a teenager is tough. You may think you know what's best for you, but might not realize how much the media, peer pressure, and stigma are affecting your decisions. It's easy to get caught up in ideas of what you "should" be doing when you compare yourself to others. However, once you get to your adult years, you realize how misguided some of that thinking was. What you thought of as "cool" turns out to be far from it and, looking back, there were probably a lot of better uses of your time. 

But of course, all of this is only learned in retrospect. 


Reddit user Shnoke wanted to learn a little more about some of the regrets adults made as teens and asked fellow users, "What are some mistakes you have made as a teen and hate seeing teenagers make?

The thread question was posted just yesterday and has already received nearly 1,300 responses. While many people have a lot to be proud of when they look back on their teenage years, it's clear there's a lot they'd do differently. Perhaps, some teenagers today could learn from their mistakes instead of making them themselves. 

We've rounded up a few of the responses we think would be helpful to today's teens and listed them below.

1. Not asking for help.

2. Believing you have to have certain experiences by a certain age.

3. Not caring enough about school.

4. Letting other people keep them from following their dreams.

5. Making a joke at the expense of others.

6. Always putting a romantic relationship before friendships.

7. Not being involved in extracurricular activities and their community.

8. Not saving money where they can.

9. Smoking.

10. Trying to grow up too fast.

11. Believing that adults don't understand what they're going through.

12. Not spending enough time with mom and dad.

13. Spending too much time online.


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