Women Are Sharing Their Badass Responses To Body-Shaming Comments They've Received

"What my body can do for me is more important than how it looks to others."

Thanks to family members, media, and the celebrities they look up to, women are taught from a young age that the way they look is crucial. Research shows that more than half of girls as young as 6 to 8 think their ideal body is thinner than their current size. And, when you find out that 65 percent of girls receive the first critique of their body before they turn 14, it's not hard to imagine why. 

Recently, Sally Bergesen, the founder and CEO of the athletic wear company Oiselle, took to Twitter to share her memory of being body-shamed by her father at 12 years old. 


Bergesen asked other Twitter users to share the body-shaming comments people have said to them using the hashtag #TheySaid. The tweet received over 300 replies with many people sharing stories of loved ones making harsh comments about being too fat or too thin. Some were told their breasts were too small, or their shoulders were too broad. Sadly, many of these personal experiences happened when they were young girls. 

Sharing these stories, and remembering they're not alone, may have brought comfort to some of these women, but Bergesen wanted to take things a step further. So, she asked people to use the hashtag #TheyReplied and share responses "we can arm our girls with." 

Many other Twitter users began sharing their own body-positive responses using the hashtag.

Hopefully, this hashtag, these women's stories, and their responses can help to change the way people talk about ourselves and other people's bodies.   

Cover image via Shutterstock


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