These Russian Ballerinas Take Twerking To Another Level

Dance game is on pointe.

Look, whether you like it or hate it, twerking is a thing. 

Every generation invents some new dance move or hairstyle or music genre that seems designed to irritate, infuriate, and shock the generation before it into thinking that the fragile entirety of civilization rests on the corrupt shoulders of its youth.

When Elvis Presley appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1957, the FCC insisted that he only be filmed from the waist up, lest America be destroyed by the pelvic gyrations of the king of Rock 'n Roll.

In the 1920s, the popularity of jazz suddenly had would-be censors and self-proclaimed arbiters of decency calling the "devil's music."

And then there was violinist Nicolo Paganini whose playing style and speed, especially though during his European tour, had many convinced that he had made a pact with the devil. That was in 1828.


Point is, music and dancing have never made society collapse.

So chill out and watch this video by coach and dancer Polina Dubkova.

The video, posted to her YouTube account in March, has already garnered over a million views. There's a good reason for that. Featuring Beyonce's "7/11" and demonstrating the flexibility and athleticism of her dancers, alongside her incredible choreography, the video can't be dismissed as "prurience" or objectification: these dancers have obviously willingly put in the time and energy it takes to bring their skills to a level of professionalism doing something they love.

So before you start to hate, watch the video and then judge it as skill and art.

It begins with a group of ballerinas quietly practicing...

But when they get a bit of not-so productive criticism from their coach...

They decide to do whatever they want.

Check out the entire video here:

And if you still don't like twerking, don't worry: Everything will be alright.

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