These Photos Will Make You Think Twice Next Time You Pull Out Your Smart Phone


Technology is radically changing the way we interact with each other—and not all of it is good. When's the last time you had an in-depth conversation with someone without checking your phone at least once? This used to be something people did all the time. Now it's a rarity.

This revealing photo essay, by the one-and-only Babycakes Romero, holds up a mirror to our own digital isolation by documenting the way in which smart phones, while connecting us in many ways, are also disconnecting us from the very people closest to us. Are smart phone causing, Romero puts it, the "death of conversation?" 

These images should make us think twice next time we pull out the phone in the middle of dinner.


"All social etiquette regarding the use of phones in company seems to have disappeared," Romero said. "It is a form of rejection and lowers the self-worth of the person super-ceded for a device."

"The strange and interesting phenomena is that people are starting to derive more pleasure from their 'computer cuddles' than from their person to person interactions."

"Smartphones have been around long enough for people to get fed up with their misuse but it just hadn’t been expressed yet," Romero told us.

"The rise of the smartphone has been so rapid that we have not had time to work out the social etiquette but we desperately need to put some ground rules in place to stop it having a detrimental affect on our inter-personal relations."

"I have nothing against technology at all but I feel it is starting to affect social cohesion and we need to know when to switch it off or we will become permanently switched off from each other," Romero added.

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Don't forget to share this photo series with your friends. And next time you see them, put down your phone and be present. Have an actual conversation!

All photographs courtesy of Babycakes Romero. 


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