This Picture Wasn't Created The Way You Think It Was

A young artist who is already a master at his craft.

21-year-old Zach Spofford is a gifted artist from Rockland Maine who creates incredibly detailed portraits.


What makes Spofford unique, however, is his choice of medium.

The portraits are all created by pyroglyphics or woodburning. The images are literally burned into pieces of wood, bit by bit. Shading is created through the intensity and length of the burn.

Unlike other art forms, woodburning is very accessible.

"I use 3 woodburning tools," Zach told us when we asked about how easy it is to get into woodburning. "All from Walmart for around $12. I also use carbon paper to transfer the image and then I sketch it out.  It's incredibly accessible and relatively inexpensive for the average person."

"I started woodburning back when I was 15 while taking just one art class on it back in high school taught by my teacher Jerry Radley," Zach told A+. "It was just a fun elective. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I literally was the worst in the whole class, it was sloppy and way outside of the lines. I loved it, though and that's all that mattered I kept with it because it was fun and cheap."

The results are surprisingly detailed and nuanced.

Much of his work focuses on portraiture.

But he also does special orders on commission.

Here's a video of Jack at work. It's pretty amazing to watch.

And here's the finished product.

Zach tells us that the next piece he's working on will be of Ashton Kutcher. We're holding you to that, Zach.

To see more of Zach's pyroglyphics, check him out on Facebook, where you can ask him about custom work or purchasing one of his pieces. You can also find him on Instagram and Tumblr. 

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