You Won't Be Able To Tell What's Real And What's Not

Fake dogs. Enough said.

Remember back in 1995 when American Girl released their "Just Like You" dolls? These were dolls meant to look like the little girls who ordered them. It was a fun (slightly narcissistic?) way for kids to see what they would look like as an 18-inch doll. 

But when I was a kid, my "Just Like You" doll looked a lot like my BFF Melissa's "Just Like You" doll. And one time, we invited all of our friends with brown hair and their dolls to a tea party...  

I'll put it this way: our "Just Like You" dolls looked suspiciously "just like" each other and almost nothing like the real-life humans in the room.


See?! They're just wearing the same outfits to trick you!

But one company has truly mastered the look-alike concept and will design actual CLONES based on the photos you send them. 

They're called Cuddle Clones and the only difference is that these guys make clones of your PETS. 

As if the novelty of such a stuffed animal wasn't incentive enough, the website offers its top ten reasons to get a cuddle clone. Among these reasons: 

- Your pet has passed away and you miss hugging him or her.

- You lost the pet custody battle in a breakup.

- You want to memorialize all the pets you've fallen in love with over the years.

That last one is a bit morbid for my taste, but it sounds like people are getting pretty into it. 

Here's a vine of someone mistaking her cuddle clone for her actual dog. 

So if your daughter was disappointed by the fact that her "Just Like You" doll looked absolutely nothing like her, try sending her picture to the nice folks at Cuddle Clones. Her clone might come back looking more like your golden retriever, but it's worth a try. 


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