The Thermal Highlighter Look Is The Hottest New Makeup Trend

Not even photo filters can compete with this.

Rainbow beauty is one of the biggest things in makeup right now. Multicolored eyebrows recently created a sensation on Instagram, and we've even seen freckles get a colorful makeover thanks to the festival-favorite rainbow freckles trend

But just when we thought things couldn't get more magical than rainbow highlighter, the beauty world surprised us again with a new multicolored look: thermal highlighter.


Inspired by the different shades you might see in a thermal imaging body scan, thermal highlighting is rainbow highlighter 2.0. 

The trend was presented on YouTube by makeup artist Iry Randrasana, who created a tutorial for the look after she was inspired by a photo shoot by Marcelo Cantu and makeup artist Camille Thompson.

In her tutorial, Randrasana provides a simple step-by-step guide to achieve thermal highlighting by using shimmery eyeshadows. She goes on to explain that after you've applied your foundation and concealer, you can mix an eyeshadow with your regular highlighter for more sparkle. Then, you can apply the color to the area of your face you want enhanced, like your cheekbones. 

You can dial up the intensity by layering different pigments, or try a soft finish. This way you can create a very cool look, or use warmer colors for a hot finish, or even go all out by combining the entire ROYGBIV spectrum into one look.

Once completed, your face will basically look like the real-life version of your fav Instagram filter. 

Take a look at some thermal highlighter looks for inspiration:

Watch the step-by-step tutorial below for tips:

Thermal highlighter might not be something we can get away with at work, but it can be fun to try out at festivals, parties, and even to celebrate Pride month this June. Plus, it reminds us that makeup can be a brilliant way to express your personality and show your favorite colors.

(H/T: Revelist )


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