Meet Tobie, The Therapy Dog Giving Kids The Confidence To Read

“I’m a better reader with Tobie.”

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There is no doubt that pets are beneficial to your health and mental well-being. Merrick the service dog has helped is owner overcome PTSD, and Lilou the therapy pig helps stressed plane passengers, and the Dogs on the Inside program uses dogs to help rehabilitate inmates. Therapy dogs were even flown in from across the country to help those dealing with the trauma of shooting in Las Vegas.

So when we heard about the Good Dog Foundation's program of bringing therapy dogs to libraries to help kids read, we knew we had to see what it was all about. And, as expected, it was filled with lots of love, cuddles, cuteness, and kids who were more confident and eager to read to one of the program's dogs, named Tobie. 

Ryan Ramirez, 8 years old

"I've been reading to Tobie for a year...  I feel confident when I read. I'm a better reader with Tobie."

Lia DeCintio, 4 years old

"I love reading to Tobie."

Desmond Dilmaghani, 5 years old

"This is my first time reading to Tobie, and I love it."

Karen DiPietro

"I did a lot of volunteering myself through hospitals and with schools, for years, and I wanted to do something different. When I inquired about doing the pet therapy with Tobie and taking the classes, I found it very interesting, and all of the broad spectrums that they deal with."


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