'Rowdy Bros' Shouted At 2 Teens After Prom. Their Words Gave The Couple Hope.

"Machismo is such a thing here, so the fact that those guys cheered us on was shocking."

This couple's prom night was already amazing, but after walking home they got an unexpected surprise. As reported by Buzzfeed's Brianna Sacks, Theodore Vidal and Colin Beyers were holding hands and wearing matching tuxedos while walking down a Jersey boardwalk when they saw a group of guys screaming from the rooftop.


Previously, a rowdy bunch of men were yelling "kiss her... kiss her" at couples that walked by. Michael Del Moro, a producer for Good Morning America, saw the young couple approaching the men and was concerned about their safety. 

The teens told Buzzfeed that the area is known for not being the most inclusive place. 

"It's South Jersey. Guys pick on us for being gay a lot," Vidal told the outlet. "It's an area where you normally would get picked on and discriminated against."

Del recounted the entire incident on his Twitter account. 

To Del Moro's relief, per his tweets, instead of insulting the teens, the men shouted for them to kiss each other. Just as they had for the other couples passing by.

"Machismo is such a thing here, so the fact that those guys cheered us on was shocking," Beyers said in an interview with Buzzfeed. "It's one of those small victories that makes the hard times worth it."

While talking to Elite Daily, the boys reflected on their different upbringings and challenges they faced while experiencing discrimination because of their sexual orientation. 

"Personally, where I live is much more open and accepting than where Teddy lives," Beyers told Elite Daily. "I don't usually experience discrimination like he has, but when we were approaching that group of guys I was definitely nervous and fearful that something bad could happen. I was definitely relieved when our kiss was met with cheers because I knew it meant that New Jersey is getting better and Seaside is getting better and it gave me hope."


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