Woman Posts An Embarrassing Moment Online — The Internet Promptly Responds With Their Own Facepalm Experiences

Been there. Done that.

When you do something embarrassing — and we mean something truly facepalm-worthy — there are a couple of ways to deal with the situation. 

You can pretend it never happen and just move on with your life; you can replay it in your head over and over again before falling asleep; or you can take pride in your awkwardness and share it with the Internet.

Jenny Lawson, a blogger and The New York Times bestselling author, decided to do the latter.


She recently tweeted:

Soon after, her Twitter followers came to the rescue to remind Lawson she's not the only one who has messed up. Users flooded the feed with their own responses of embarrassing moments, and the results are are both hilarious and relatable, because we've all experienced that feeling of wanting to crawl under a rock after doing something embarrassing. 

Take a look at what people said their embarrassing moment was:

"Thank you, amazing people for reminding us all how stupid and adorable and ridiculous mankind is, especially as the rest of the world screams "ME TOO" at your mortifying confessions," Lawson writes on her website.

Well said, lady.

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