This Guy Thinks The World Is Going To End And That's A Good Thing

One artist's attempt to change the world for good.

St. Louis spoken word artist Prince Ea thinks we should scrap this world and start all over.

In his performance below, titled "Why I Think The World Should End," the 26-year-old runs through a litany of modern problems - environmental destruction, a poor education system, a failing economy, police corruption, overmedication, meaningless communication, and so on.

Despite all these seemingly unsolvable issues, however, Prince Ea remains hopeful.

"So what can we do in the face of all this madness and chaos," he says in the video. "What is the solution? We can love. Not the love you hear in your favorite song on the radio. I mean real love, true love, boundless love. You can love. Love each other from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed."

Prince Ea's solution is a personal call to action. Forget national initiatives and government policy and non-profit organizations, he says. It all begins on an individual level.

"So yes, the world is coming to an end," he concludes. "And the path towards a new beginning starts within you."

What a simple yet powerful message.


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