Kickstarter Project 'The Woman Card[s]' Is The Best Response We've Seen To Trump's Comment Yet

Sign us up for 10 decks, please.

In yet another controversial statement by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump last week, the real estate mogul said that Hillary Clinton was playing the "woman card," adding that she had "nothing else going" for her. 

Many people were shocked by Trump's comments, but when siblings Zach and Zebby Wahls heard of it, they were instead inspired to create a deck of cards that feature powerful female icons like Clinton.

Launching on Kickstarter last Thursday, the project's page noted that "The Woman Card[s]" will contain portraits hand-sketched by Zebby of 13 women, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Beyoncé, Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony.

Already, the project has been massively successful. With 28 days left of fundraising, "The Woman Card[s]" has generated a staggering $45,000 in funds. It exceeded its initial $5,000 goal in less than four hours.

"The response that we've seen to our project is just a part of the broader national (and even international) response that we're seeing to Donald Trump's comments," Zach told A Plus in an email. "The Clinton campaign reported that they've experienced a huge wave of donations as a result of Trump's comments. I suspect that lots of those folks are also backing our project. And instead of focusing on the negative comments, we're focused on celebrating the incredible accomplishments of 13 American women who changed the world even though the deck was stacked against them."


The Woman Card[s]/Kickstarter

Zach told A Plus that narrowing down the list to 13 women wasn't easy:

We limited it to 13 women for this first edition deck because we knew that drawing a portrait for every card would dramatically lengthen our production time. After we limited it to 13, we decided to focus on only American women to help limit our scope a bit. Then, we did our best to think of women who had made changes across a range of fields and disciplines. 
The Woman Card[s]/Kickstarter

Though the siblings are well aware that the current deck of 13 portraits doesn't include Asian American, Pacific Islander or Native American women, Zach noted that he and his sister hope to correct the issue in an expanded second edition — which they said is a possibility following the wild success of this Kickstarter project.


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