The Weather Channel Issued A Powerful Tweetstorm About The Storms Ahead

"Water comes slowly at first. Skies open up in the afternoon now. People start avoiding certain streets at high tide."

On Monday, the The  Weather Channel's Twitter account fired off a series of powerful tweets highlighting the way climate change is being linked to natural disasters and mass migration across the globe.

While the Weather Channel has a history of awareness-oriented social media activity, the tweets were a particularly ominous description of the way the world is changing around us — and how we might get used to it. The now-viral tweets were an important red flag from a trusted source on the news and climate, diving into the link between climate change and natural disasters.

In the Twitter thread, The Weather Channel also announced a new series called "Exodus: The Climate Migration Crisis," that will highlight many communities across the globe undergoing massive change because of the climate. 

Per its announcement, the channel hopes that its series will capture  "what our response to climate migration will mean for humanity's future," and if its thread is any indication, it'll certainly get people talking — and maybe even spur them to action.


Cover photo:Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock.


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