This 'Voice' Singer Shared A Unique Take On A Maroon 5 Hit, And It Paid Off

Adam Levine approved.

It's always risky for a singer to audition for The Voice with one of the coaches' songs, but sometimes it can really pay off. That was the case for 25-year-old Michael Kight, who performed Maroon 5's "Sugar" on Tuesday night's show, and got the attention of the band's frontman Adam Levine.

Kight put his own unique, slowed-down spin on the song, strumming his guitar and showing off his falsetto. Levine listened carefully, and eventually pushed his button to turn around during the song's chorus. The other coaches clearly enjoyed the performance but chose not to throw their hats into the ring, for obvious reasons.


"Obviously, you know what to do with his voice. I don't," said Miley Cyrus. "My voice is lower than both of y'all's." Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson admitted she liked the audition so much that she almost turned around anyway.

"Great song, by the way. Good choice," Levine quipped after Kight introduced himself. "It's really hard when someone does your song. The chips are stacked against you because I know it so well."

Nevertheless, Levine called the performance "a cool and interesting take on the song" and added that he was "super excited" to work with Kight on his team. Fingers crossed for a duet in the future.

Watch Michael Kight's full audition below:

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