These 3 Sisters' Soothing Harmonies Are A Balm For Hopelessness And Despair

Consider this song a prescription for when you're feeling broken.

Every once in a while, you run across a song that you know you'll always need. A song that you may listen to 50 times in a row, then put away for a time so you can rediscover it when you need its healing or its motivation or its message or its inspiration.

These songs may take on particular significance depending on when they arrive in our lives. One album can contain within its tracks the tiniest, most poignant details of a relationship, a breakup, a new city, a new start, with each song serving as a place marker for the intimate stories that make up our histories.

This cover of Sufjan Stevens' "Chicago" by Watford, Hertfordshire, England trio The Staves is one of those songs. Its message of acceptance within Steven's reconciliatory lyrics becomes a balm when sung by English sisters Emily, Camilla, and Jessica Stavely-Taylor, whose ethereal harmonies and acoustic simplicity lay bare the reluctant optimism of the original.

It is fitting that the song was brought to our attention by A Plus favorite Alice Kristiansen, who tweeted a link to it late last night in the aftermath of the attacks in Turkey.

It is a choral and beautifully transcendent reminder that all seasons pass, even those marked by hopelessness, brokenness, and despair. 

In short, it is exactly what we need right now.



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