We Spoke To 'The Sorry Girls' On Quitting Their Jobs To Pursue An Alternative Path

"You will figure it out — because we did."

In 2010, Canadians Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid started a YouTube channel aimed at helping people learn how to create their own Halloween costumes by hand. Since then, their DIY channel has continued to grow with a variety of tutorials, and more than 1.4 million subscribers. Now, they are widely known as The Sorry Girls. We spoke with The Sorry Girls to learn more about how these entrepreneurial women, and others, can break into creative spaces to form their own alternative career paths.

"We really were just trying to fill a void when we started," Kelsey tells A Plus. "There wasn't a lot of DIY content on YouTube, so when we decided we wanted to make something that was a DIY, we were like, let's upload this to YouTube so that nobody has the same issue we had trying to find DIY content."

The Sorry Girls — a play on the stereotype that Canadian's say "sorry" too often — have done a variety of DIY projects over the years. They've recreated popular home decor and fashion items from thrifted items at a cheaper price; they've redecorated their studio and other people's spaces; they've also documented Becky's wedding process, showing how they can DIY everything from the invitations to the reception decor. And, of course, they've made some of the coolest DIY Halloween costumes

Becky tells A Plus that their work became a full-time job when it really started "taking over their lives." They were inspired by others who were turning YouTube content creation into careers, too. So, they quit their jobs and went into it "full force."

Kelsey explains that one of the most rewarding aspects of their work is inspiring others to try things they've never done before. "Seeing people say, 'I built this on my own,' " she says, is a great feeling. "Also, employing people is really exciting for me." 

"Someone messaged us the other day being like, 'I am going out to buy a drill today because of you guys.' And I got so happy on the inside. That's the coolest thing," Becky says.

When asked what advice they have for other women trying to break into the YouTube space, Becky made it clear that women should never feel like they're unwelcome. 

"Don't feel like you can't do a certain thing because you are a woman," she says, adding that when they started getting into some more serious construction on their YouTube channel, people wondered why. They would even get questioned about their skills in a hardware store.  

"We didn't let that hold us back, but I know a lot of people sometimes might. So don't ever feel like you're not invited to a space. If you're passionate about it and you want to be there, there's definitely a spot for you."

"And if you don't know how to use something, that's OK too," Kelsey adds. "You will figure it out — because we did." 

You can watch our full interview with The Sorry Girls in the video at the top of the page. 


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