DIY Life Hacks To Help You Be A Better Human For Yourself And For The Earth

"... help your budget, the environment [and] the way you feel."

Recently, Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, of the The Sorry Girls, rounded up a handful of easy DIY life hacks to improve life, and the best part? They are all eco-friendly things we do to be better ourselves as humans. As Wright and MacDermaid put it, they "help your budget, the environment [and] the way you feel," all while maintaining a pretty aesthetic. 

"I also know that transforming your whole life into being perfectly eco-friendly is a bit of an overwhelming and scary thing to think about," Wright says at the start of their video, but these tips will make it a bit easier.

For example, The Sorry Girls suggest DIY-ing your own reusable shopping bag to avoid using plastic ones. For this, they use a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and cut it to the preferred size. After cutting and sewing the bag together, MacDermaid adds a punny "Dill With It" stencil to decorate. 

Later in the video, The Sorry Girls recommend mixing baking soda and vinegar, and show us how to combine them for our cleaning purposes. 

Check out all the tips and hacks in the full video below:


Cover image via  Jacob Lund I Shutterstock


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