Girls Of All Ages Play Word Association With The Term 'Body.' Here Are Their Raw Responses.

Just be you.


When you hear the word "body," what's the first thing that comes to mind?

This week, Refinery29 released a video (above) for their series The Skinny, featuring filmmaker and comedian, Jessie Kahnweiler.  In this video, girls of all ages play a word association game, in which Kahnweiler feeds them one word, and the girls respond with another.

After a few practice rounds, Kahnweiler says the word "body," to which she receives various reactions dependent on the girls' ages and experiences.

While the younger girls answer with words like "health" and "clothes," the older women's responses reflect the pressures of growing up in a body-conscious society. Which, of course, makes sense: the older we become, the more our lifestyles are affected by the media, particularly in the social sphere, which often encourages one Instagrammable body image over another. 

"Difficult," one woman says, referring to how she feels about her body. "Confusing," another adds.

Then, the women speak to their relationships with their bodies. 

One woman sees her body as a "DIY project," and another admits that some days she feels "disgusting."

They're honest and raw with their emotions, but in the end, they all have hopeful advice for themselves, as well as for current and future generations. And in opening up the conversation about living a healthier, more body-positive lifestyle, hopefully, more media outlets will make a turn towards encouraging self-love on a regular basis.

"Own it, because you're you. And that's very important," one woman says.

"You were so cute, you know. It was fine. You looked fine. I think that even I would want to tell my high school self that, and my college self that, myself yesterday that."


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