'The Simpsons' Showed Support For Puerto Rico, And The San Juan Mayor Took Notice

"Big fan."

Long-running animated series The Simpsons is known for its winky references and fun Easter eggs, especially in its famous couch gags. But the show took a moment during its 29th season premiere earlier this month to draw attention to a more serious topic — the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.


At the end of the episode, a still image featuring the show's many characters appeared on screen for five seconds. It depicted Bart and Homer holding a Puerto Rican flag, while Marge wields a sign that reads "unido," Spanish for "united." Lisa, meanwhile, stands in the foreground crying, while the rest of the characters wear stern expressions.

As HuffPost points out, Bart and Homer are both sitting on the shoulders of their enemies on the show — bully Nelson and sisters-in-law Patty and Selma, respectively. This drives home the message of unity conveyed by the image.

The show's Twitter account posted the shot after the episode with the message, "How you can help..." It includes the social media information for UNICEF, One America Appeal (the former presidents' hurricane relief initiative), and Save the Children. The tweet received tens of thousands of retweets and likes.

It was a poignant show of solidarity for the U.S. territory, and a few weeks later, it has caught the attention of none other than San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who tweeted a photo of herself holding a blown-up copy of the image on Monday.

Cruz thanked the show "for keeping Puerto Rico in your hearts," adding that she's a "big fan," and writing, "Love that you always say what you mean no matter the consequences."

The mayor herself knows a little something about saying what she means. She's been extremely vocal about the island's need for aid, criticizing the federal response to the crisis. At the end of September,  Cruz tweeted, "The goal is one: saving lives. This is the time to show our 'true colors'. We cannot be distracted by anything else."

In another post Monday, Cruz tweeted directly at the Simpsons account, writing, "Hope you can 'visit' San Juan someday. You will love it!" Do we smell a season 30 episode?

(H/T: Mashable)


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