This Short Film Epically Shows The Struggle Of Trying To Unsubscribe From An Email List

This is how it feels.


There are plenty of little agonies that we encounter throughout the day that people are often inclined to write off as "first world problems." That they are indeed problems unique to post-industrial society does not make them any less bothersome. As technology propels us to try to keep up with ever-increasing efficiency, anything that slows us down or creates friction becomes akin to a pebble in one's shoe during a footrace: it's an irritant that simply must be removed in order to continue at a reasonable pace.

Among these little agonies is the dreaded email subscription. Despite the fact that you've probably unchecked the box that says "please subscribe me to your newsletter" every single time you've ever ordered something or entered personal information online, chances are that right now, as you're reading this, there's at least one completely useless piece of email from a company that you have no desire to purchase services or goods from in any way shape or form. The only reason that the email is there is because you've yet to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the unsubscribe button.

The perils of clicking the unsubscribe button are legion. Sometimes it simply doesn't work. Sometimes it makes you log in to a website that you've forgotten the password to, which demands a password reset, which, in turn, creates more email. Sometimes, for reasons unknown to anyone but the lunatics who code such traps, these systems immediately follow up an unsubscribe-from-all-emails request with another email to let you know that they won't email you anymore.

The filmmakers over at The Scene's YouTube channel apparently know something about this. Their latest video, Opt Out, takes the unsubscribe struggle to a whole new level.

Take a look for yourself.

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