Here Are 13 Things You Had No Idea Were True



There are some things you probably know to be true: When you get a jellyfish sting, you should have someone pee on it. Consuming a lot of sugar makes you hyper. Cracking your knuckles is bad for your fingers.

Well, one smarty pants featured in The Scene's new video says you're wrong. We're all wrong.

According to the video, appropriately entitled "Everything This Man Says Is True," literally everything this man says is true.

And here's what he has to say:

1. "A Twinkie's shelf life is approximately 45 days."

2. "Urine on a jellyfish sting does nothing."

3. "Eating before swimming is completely fine."

4. "A cup of coffee has more caffeine than an espresso."

5. "Sugar has no effect on hyperactivity."

6. "Goldfish can remember things for up to five months."

7. "Carrots have no effect on your vision."

8. "You aren't more likely to get sick in cold weather."

9. "Spiders don't crawl in your mouth while you're sleeping."

10. "You use 100 percent of your brain."

11. "A human's mouth is cleaner than a dog's mouth."

12. "George Washington's teeth were made of animal bone and metal."

13. "Lightning can strike the same place twice."

Mind BLOWN. Be sure to watch the video above for plenty more shocking truths.


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