When The Rock Snapped This Picture With A Vietnam Veteran, He Got Much More Than A Kind Smile

"Every hard core gym around the world has one 'OG' of the gym."

When The Rock was leaving the gym a few days ago, one special person decided to ask him for a picture.


That man, he said, was 73-year-old Vietnam veteran, John Henderson.

The Rock explains in his Instagram post that as he was getting in his truck, Henderson said, "At some point I'd like to snap a pic with you before you leave our town."

He naturally obliged and said back, "Well how bout we do it right now!?" 

However, as the real-life Hercules was driving away, he decided he had to go back and ask Henderson for a picture himself.

He explains his thinking, saying he went back to "grab a pic with my phone with that OG who paved the way for so many of us."

Henderson was flattered that the movie star came back to take a picture with him, telling him, "Ya know I've been around this world my whole life and been inspired by a lot of things. This really makes me happy."

However, The Rock had some kind words himself, telling Henderson, "I appreciate you and all you do. You inspire all of us to keep on keepin' on."

As The Rock was driving away again, Henderson had one more important piece of advice, telling him, "Dwayne ... nutrition. Don't forget your nutrition. It's the most (important) thing we can do."

The Rock emphatically responded with a "Yes sir, I won't!"

Johnson finished his post with an important life lesson for all of us. He wrote, "Made me think that no matter where they come from — military, the streets, sports etc.. there ain't nothin' like that OG wisdom that can only come from years of experience."


Read the full post below:


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