The Rock Hung Out With The 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Whose One Wish Was To Meet His Hero

Tater, meet Dwayne.

In February, a 7-year-old boy named Gabriel "Tater" Singleton gained some internet fame thanks to his brave four-year battle with cancer. At the time, his mother helped him put together a handwritten poster expressing how hard he'd been fighting, and the Children's Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tenn., published a picture of it to Facebook. The post called for people to spread the word about Tater's wish to meet his hero, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and eventually was shared more than 4,800 times.

Now, just a couple months after outlets such as Time and Complex covered the story, The Rock has heeded the call. The actor and former wrestler invited Tater out to the set of the upcoming Baywatch reboot, and documented the day they spent together via his Instagram.


The matching tees said it all.

Good guy Dwayne even let Tater take him in an arm wrestling match.

And when the day was over, the inspiring kid took home his own custom "Baywatch" poster.

"Been a long time coming, but I finally met the one and only 'Tater,' " The Rock wrote on Instagram. "This very special lil' 7yr old boy has been battling cancer for 4yrs now. Multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation treatments and stem cell transplants. You name it, this lil' boy has gone thru it."

Considering he's been very open about his depression and constantly gone out of his way to connect with the community with acts such as running a boot camp for troubled teens and taking pictures with Vietnam war heroes, it was never a matter of if he'd meet with Tater — only when. Although every celebrity has at least some discrepancy between their public image and who they are, it's difficult to see The Rock's good deeds as anything less than coming straight from the heart.

"Meeting lil' Tater and all these little kids over the years who for some reason far unbeknownst to me, look at me as their hero - is a thousand times way more important than any movie or any 'thing' I could ever do or accomplish in my life," he wrote.

Tater surely appreciates that.

(H/T: Entertainment Weekly)

Cover image: The Rock via Instagram


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