The Rock Took A Break From Filming To Meet Up And Eat Pizza With A Few Of His Biggest Fans

"This is by far the best part of my fame."

When The Rock isn't busy acting in the upcoming "Baywatch" movie and eating more in a day than we will in a lifetime, he's spending his time meeting his biggest fans.


With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Rock was able to catch up and enjoy some quality time with kids such as Larry Orozco-Chavez and Ashley Rodriguez on the set of the new Baywatch movie.

He described it as "a very special day" on Instagram and we're not sure who actually had more fun hanging out.

What could be better than spending some time off eating pepperoni pizza and talking about video games? 

He even made a very special new friend, although they appear to be more than "just friends."

While we are inspired to watch The Rock day in and day out, it's his down-to-earth nature that really makes us respect him the most.

It is especially humbling to see how someone in the stratosphere of The Rock can be inspired and brought to tears by the kids that look up to him.

Don't worry, we still consider you "tough as nails" in our books.

He called this part of his life "the best part of my fame," which is certainly a bold statement coming from someone who spends his days working with the likes of Vin Diesel and Kevin Hart.

On a separate day, he was surprised by the family of Michael Sailors on the set and, once again, stopped his 12-hour filming schedule to hang out for a bit.

Life can certainly be tough for these kids, so it's a good thing there are role models who not only take the time meet with them but consider it a blessing.


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