The Rock Played A Creepy-Crawly Prank On Kevin Hart While Filming 'Jumanji'

"We always make it fun."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart are currently on location in Hawaii filming a new Jumanji movie. While they're hard at work updating the '90s classic for a new audience, there's still time for some fun, as The Rock proved by playing a few pranks on his co-star.

Over the weekend, the star shared an Instagram video in which he tosses a fake spider on Kevin as they set up for a take. He explained that the bugs they've encountered in the jungle are "Kev's worst nightmare." As predicted, the actor jumps up from the perceived threat and hurries away, but it doesn't take long for him to start smiling.


"Non stop laughs with my guy on this movie," The Rock wrote in the caption. "We always make it fun."

And he means it. In an earlier video, he tickles Kevin's leg with a stick to make him think it's a bug.

But Kevin isn't the only victim of The Rock's on-set mischief. He also posted a picture of himself with Jumanji director Jake Kasdan and explained that he likes to "stand on my tip toes so I tower over him more than I already do."  

For The Rock, it's all about lightening the mood during a busy shoot: "Hey when we've been working non-stop all day and night, we gotta make it fun." Amen to that!

(H/T: Vulture)


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