The Rock And Jimmy Fallon Go Undercover As Mascots To Photobomb Unsuspecting Fans

Their reactions are priceless.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon as part of his week of shows in Orlando, and they got up to some fun by surprising fans. 

One of Fallon's favorite pastimes is photobombing people with his celebrity guests, but this time, he added a rather unusual twist. He and The Rock disguised themselves in mascot costumes of their own likenesses (The Rock with a "Sexiest Man Alive!" T-shirt, obviously), only to remove the heads after the photos were taken to reveal their identities and blow the unsuspecting fans' minds.

They made sure to change up their posing style in the background.


It's all very lighthearted until the pair runs into a Rock superfan who has an incredibly moving reaction to meeting his idol. "My man, my hero since I was like 5 years old," he says when he sees the costume. Then The Rock reveals his identity, and the fan can't help but tear up. As Fallon quickly points out, he has a tattoo of The Rock on his leg.

"That's amazing that someone's presence can have that kind of effect on someone," wrote one of the commenters on YouTube. "Absolutely touching´╗┐."

See all the surprises for yourself in the video below:


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