Watch The Rock Perform An Empowering Haka With A Group Of Young Girls

A fierce moment on set.

On Friday, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared a sneak peek from the set of the upcoming eighth installment in the "Fast and Furious" series. But there were no fast cars to be seen in this clip.


Instead, the behind-the-scenes snippet depicts the star leading a team of young girls in a powerful haka.

A haka is a Māori war dance. It is frequently performed by New Zealand sports teams before a match, as well as to welcome guests or mark special occasions. As The Rock explained on Instagram, his character's daughter is competing in a soccer championship and the score is tied with two minutes left.

"As their coach, I ask them to dig deep and harness their warrior mana one last time, but before they take the field, we will perform our HAKA to our opponent," he wrote.

He continued, "To our Polynesian culture the HAKA is extremely emotional and spiritual. A pre battle ritual where we call upon the recognition of our ancestors and to give us strength. And if need be, we are prepared to die today, only because we have lived greatly and proudly as people."

The Rock praised the girls involved in the scene, who practiced "for weeks and weeks" and "understood every word and every warrior gesture." Since most haka are traditionally performed by men, it's inspiring to witness these young girls display so much power.

The star promised that fans will be amazed when they see this scene on the big screen, adding, "I'm honored to bring you our culture."

This isn't the only meaningful Instagram post The Rock has made recently. Last week he paid emotional tribute to Gabriel "Tater" Singleton, a 7-year-old boy who passed away of cancer months after meeting his hero.

Cover image via Instagram



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