The Rock Thought A Bigger Thank-You Was In Order For The Stunt Double Who’s Also His Cousin

"We’re just getting started."

Being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's stunt double cannot be an easy job, but someone has to do it. And in Johnson's case, that role is played by his cousin, Tanoai Reed.

In a recent Instagram Post, Johnson explains that he wanted to thank Reed for all that he's done over the years by surprising him with something special. So, he set up a fake interview where Reed thought he would be talking about his career and working with Johnson. Instead, Johnson would reveal a brand-new custom truck for his cousin.

"Over the course of my career, [Reed] has broken multiple bones, severed tendons, torn ligaments and just been an overall dominating badass," Johnson captions a video of the reveal on Instagram. "Reed has committed himself to the job with "one goal in mind," Johnson adds. "[To] deliver the best movie possible to the world.

"Not only does Tanoai represent our family and my career with relentless commitment and passion," Johnson continues, "he also represents an entire Hollywood stunt community that is truly the backbone of our business ... Thank you for the blood, sweat, tears and years. We're just getting started," Johnson concludes.

In the video, Johnson and Reed can be seen talking to one another until Johnson signals for another car behind them to drive away. Behind it is Reed's new truck with a big red bow. 

Reed is clearly overwhelmed by the surprise and quickly becomes emotional. 

Reed has been Johnson's stunt double for 16 years, and has worked on the likes of Furious 7, Hercules, Fast & Furious 6, The Other Guys, Walking Tall, The Rundown, and more. He's been The Rock's stunt double since The Scorpion King and they have since worked on 24 movies together, Men's Health reports. He has also been nominated for World Stunt Awards 10 times and won three times. 

Needless to say, we think this surprise is incredibly well-deserved.


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