Daughter Jasmine Helps The Rock Send An Empowering Message To Women And Girls

"To every woman out there 'round the world ..."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson celebrated International Women's Day on Thursday by posting a sweet video with his 2-year-old daughter Jasmine Lia, in which he teaches her a phrase that would make the Spice Girls proud — girl power!

"All right, my queen, can we say, 'Girl power'?" he asks Jasmine, who immediately smiles and repeats the phrase to the camera. He then asks if she can say "International Women's Day," which she does her best to repeat. 


Johnson is less successful in his next request, however. "Can you say, 'Daddy is the most handsome, brilliant, sexiest — might be inappropriate — man alive'? Say all that." Jasmine only manages to echo his last three words, again with a grin on her face. 

It may not be what he was going for, but Johnson nevertheless tells her it was "perfect." As People points out, it's good to see Jasmine doing well after Johnson shared earlier this week that she had been taken to the emergency room for an undisclosed reason.

"Girl power," Johnson wrote in the caption of the video. "To every woman out there 'round the world — all ages and races — I proudly stand by your side to always honor, protect and respect. Especially, the loves of my life at home."

Johnson also has a 16-year-old daughter named Simone with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, and he and Jasmine's mother Lauren Hashian are currently expecting another baby girl. As Johnson wrote in his Instagram announcement, he's "surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana."

It's not the first empowering message Johnson has sent through Instagram. In a 2016 post, the wrestler-turned-actor shared his Labor Day philosophy of hard work with Jasmine, and before that, he posted an on-set video from The Fate of the Furious in which his character leads a group of girls in a haka, a Māori war dance traditionally performed by men.


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