Hilarious Job Interview Tips That Will Not Put Your Name On The Contract

'Tell them you're not an applicant, you're an appliCAN.'

Everyone knows having a solid résumé is not enough. 

The most important part of actually securing the job is your interview and if you've gone to at least few of them, you know how dreadful they can be. You should also know there are many, MANY, places on the Internet ready to help you bring home the bacon.

UK-based humor site The Poke is NOT one of them. 

However, that didn't stop it from making a series of essential job interview tips that are so funny, we're actually short of words to describe them. 

The Poke's list features priceless suggestions on how to make eye contact with your interviewers, how to show off your best qualities and basically "seal the deal" like it's nothing. Check out some of our favorites below!


Now for some serious advice, read this article on "9 Things Bosses Don't Want To See During A Job Interview" and go get that job!


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