Smart Boyfriend Re-Creates A Scene From 'The Notebook' To Propose

Smart man.

The man in the video above must have been paying attention during "The Notebook" because he planned a proposal that could have been a scene in the movie. Mostly because it was kinda a scene from the movie, with a few twists. 

The One Romance, a business that plans proposals and romantic events, uploaded the proposal video to YouTube. It shows one man's proposal inspired by the famous "boat scene." 

The groom-to-be has a secret camera in his shirt and has his family waiting in the bushes with "will you marry me?" signs nearby as the two row along. She receives flowers, sees someone singing and playing a romantic song on the guitar and then spots paper swans (nice addition) nearby. Then, the signs come out and he pops the question.

We're fully expecting these two to create the kissing in the rain scene for their engagement photos. 

(H/T: Cosmo)


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