This Is One Of The Most Shocking Videos You Will Ever See

You need to see this.

We originally ran this article in July of last year.


Since then, we've seen some pretty horrifying things happen across the world. The sudden rise of ISIS. The Ebola panic. Civil unrest. Plane crashes. Political ugliness.

Things that harden the heart. 

Let this chip away at all of that. 

If you pick up the newspaper on any day of the week or look at anything in the mainstream media at any given time, you'll find fear, terror, misery, war, hatred, anger, and violence.

Those things no longer shock us. No amount of carnage. No horror. No inhumanity. It's easy to become desensitized. To become cynical. To become blind to it.

What catches our attention now is kindness. Unthanked, unremarkable, un-newsworthy kindness.

It'll never make the front page.
It'll never be the platform for a presidential candidate.
It'll never ask for your vote.
It doesn't belong to any particular religion, creed, or party.
It'll never have the loudest voice in the room.

But it's the one thing in the world that can make a difference, however small, in making life better for all of us.

When I wrote this in July, people criticized the video.

Some people said it showed that there was only kindness in Russia. 

But just two days before, we helped fill the mailbox of a kid with a brain tumor with birthday cards.

We wrote about kids practicing random acts of kindness, cops who find little ways to make people's lives better, even a hairdresser who donates his time and talent...just because.

In spite of the cruelty and madness in the world, love and kindness persist. Goodness persists.


If you don't see kindness, remember that it starts with each and every one of us. Don't sit around and look for it.

Shock the world. Be kind.

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