The Most Hilarious Guest Scares Ever Featured On 'Ellen'

The best part of the show, no doubt.

There's no doubt that "The Ellen Show" is one of the best shows of its kind on television, due in no small part to the magnanimity of its personable and kind host Ellen DeGeneres, who continues to feature great talent and some amazing guests.

While there are plenty of talk shows, however, one of the very best parts of watching "Ellen" is when she decides to prank her guests by scaring them half to death in the middle of an interview.

Whether it's Jack Black or Jake Gyllenhaal suddenly losing their cool at the sight of a giant bug or insane clown, it's always a delight to watch. Naturally, her guests take it in stride, once their heart rates go back to normal and they slowly relearn what it means to trust someone.

Here are some of her best scares, collected by the host herself and posted to her YouTube channel. Enjoy.


Should've known better...

If she says she has a gift... watch out.

Watch the complete video here.

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