This Video Took 69 Years To Make, But Only Because It Documents A Beautiful Life-Long Love Story

Relationship goals, anyone?

Anyone who has seen "The Notebook" knows that some love stories last a lifetime. And we have one like that ready for you.

The Ludlow Thieves, a New York based band, has just a released a video of their song "Almost" and, quite frankly, our hearts are melting already. 

To start with, the video took 69 years to make. Why on earth would it ever take so long, you must be thinking? Well, the answer is actually rather simple. 

The video captures the love story of the band's guitarist and producer Dan Teicher's grandparents. It features snippets of home movies documenting the 69 years of his grandparents' life together — getting married, going to dance parties, taking care of one another later in life.



Sassy kisses...

... and just a whole lot of loving.

Make sure to watch the entire video. Relationship goals big time.

"I have never worked on anything that I have felt more connected to," Teicher was quoted saying. " I was paying tribute to two of the most important people in my life, but the real focus or central character of the video is time." 

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