Greenpeace's Short Film 'The Little Explorer' Warns The Arctic Dream Will Become A Nightmare If We Don't Take Action


In a short video recently released by environmental organization Greenpeace called "The Little Explorer," we see a little girl acting out scenes from her imagination. Through her eyes, we find ourselves in a world where every object has magical potential: a cut-out piece of cardboard can be a helmet, a star from a princess dress can be an explorer's badge, and a fish tank can be a vast ocean of sea creatures. 


The little explorer salutes her teddy bears before diving into the deep Arctic ocean.

As she explores her underwater world in an imaginary submarine, she is filled with wonder. Her ocean is a wondrous place.

Seeing this world of thriving underwater life, we see endless possibilities for exploration. After all, we know less about this place than we do about the surface of the moon. Swimming in Arctic waters are Greenland sharks, bowhead and beluga whales, and ribbon seals. Deeper down are creatures like the lion's mane jellyfish and sea butterfly. 

The little explorer seems overwhelmed by all there is to see, but then something dire happens...

Her submarine is engulfed by a net, and the fantasy comes to an abrupt end.

The dark ending makes sense when these words come across the scene: "The Arctic dream is become a nightmare #SaveTheArctic from destructive fishing." 

Greenpeace's message rings loud and clear, as their #SaveTheArctic campaign is meant to make viewers aware of the threats the Arctic region and its animals currently face. Destructive fishing scrapes much life from the seabeds as nets drag across it, which is disrupting an ecosystem that has been "remote and safe from human activity until now."

Besides industrial fishing, among the things threatening the Arctic's rich biodiversity and resources are oil drilling, climate change, and seismic blasting. 

In order to make a difference, Greenpeace is asking people to sign a petition to secure Arctic protection. 

Watch "The Little Explorer" below to experience this powerful message.

Besides signing Greenpeace's petition, you can also help by donating to World Wildlife Fund, an organization working to protect biodiversity in the Arctic region and finding ways to stop climate change. You can also help preserve our natural resources by making small lifestyle adjustments — like reducing your carbon emissions and relying less on fossil fuels. World Wildlife Fund also suggests telling "your government you want them to back green energy — to fight climate change and stop the rush to exploit Arctic energy resources." 

Together, we can guarantee a future in which children not only dream about the Arctic ocean — but can someday explore it. 


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